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Matt has been developing software for over 20 years and these days specialises in cross-platform app development. He's written dozens of apps that have been published to the various app stores including apps hitting #1. Matt has worked for large software companies, enterprise size organisations, the Australian government and also with various startups on cutting edge technology. Originally from New Zealand, Matt currently lives in Brisbane with his, daughter and two dogs - a Jack Russell and a West Highland Terrier that cause more trouble than anything else in his life 😂.

From idea to app store

One of the questions I get asked a lot by people who have an idea for a new app is: what do you actually have to do to get your idea out to users in the app marketplaces? Whilst I imagine there are lots of different paths people have taken to go from a drawing on a napkin to a polished app getting 5 star reviews, this is the process I’ve found to work.

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